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Hi, am Basant, I recently started blogging and my digital marketing career since July 2017. Because i passionate about technology from my childhood. So, i decided to make my life in Digital Marketing.

The story how i found this website.

One day in evening when i came from my office. My neighbour came to my house. He was facing some issues with his order from Amazon. But he don’t know how to understand this issue and get support from Amazon Customer Care. Because he knows am a technical guy, he decided to come at me with issues which he facing with order.

Then I advised him and show him the right and easiest way to contact Amazon Customer Care. And that is how i got the idea of starting of this website. Because there is still many others who don’t know the proper contact details of Amazon Customer Care.

Since, I can’t advise and show them way personally. I decided to create this site for all of those people. Where they can find all contact details for Amazon Customer Care.



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